Thursday, August 11, 2011

Start again!

I think it has arrived.
However, after completing what I thought in the past But I have not yet completed less than half.

I half to start? What? (>_<);;

Challenges and pioneering in front of me is just too big. Torment me in the trials from the crowd. Things that break her heart. Did not explain the chagrin of you.

All of those things and negative energy. All the pain I can not avoid or escape.

Does not tolerate the failure behind the dark is just harsh hamgwa. I'm alone. Not to mourn. There is no need feel sorry for ourselves.
Ultimately, humans are alone..

Only darkness......

 I think all human beings are suffering in mind.
If you think about it ... The world is filled with wonder and lovely things. That everything is not good or positive ones, but ... If we can understand them.

Then ... Can think of a peaceful, calm and soft.

Truly and sincerely in mind. Hope ...

..I can survive?
Valuable in the emotional world of these creatures, and could keep?
Could hang on even in the closest?

My heart could not hang on even in theprecious?  ..
So Many questions..

I can survive?

My body does not obstruct the escape or arm.
In fact, I do not know.

Only just go ...

We'll settle this with courage.
Warm and spirited enthusiasm and sincere. I believe in you.

Of all that I have changed the price. Therefore
It is also their scars I have. I can move it out of the property, Sanya.

Only just go ...
Text and images. Creative way for me to answer......

I went one step better only.

Only go ...

Now I know. That it Rather than first class. Itself is to move forward. The more difficult and frightening things.It really is more difficult to continue to do their best.

I just ... Do not give up. Pray propel ...
Now is the beginning again!

(English is difficult...3 hours per page. (-_-)....)

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