Sunday, October 30, 2011

To be a sweet Halloween.

Sweet Halloween.

Halloween, my friend gave me a cake as a gift.
Wow. My friend made ​​it!  (^-^)!!

I drink a cup of black coffee and looked at a lovely gift..  
 I took a picture of Sugar Cake. And drawings and wrote the ambassador. (It is not enough maturity. But the moment I think of fun and wanted to work and a positive ambassador.)

Apart from the Halloween customs..

Painful things, bad things, all ... Be gone with a sweet candy.
 It's sweet magic..:)
  Everyone's heartbreaking things, bad things, all ... Be gone with a sweet candy.

And my mom's birthday today. 
Not good for her health a lot..
Pray for her recovery. To pray for a miracle.
Happy birthday.

Halloween sweet.
Happily with your loved ones to be a warm Halloween.

To be a sweet Halloween.

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