Friday, August 12, 2011

Not that great miracle.

A long time and process changes were made​​.
It can not even believe it happened to was the moment...

The time is fast.
Is that a lot. And that is usually thought.
The means did not have much opportunity to feel.

Write the first page of the blog at the beginning of the second page. I looked at pots on the desk. It's four days before they put the seeds were potted.

It was the change happened in just a few - minutes. That change was not for a long time. Was very transient changes.

The time not less than five minutes.


   "When did the buds out of the soil? (^▼^);; "
"When I wrote the first page? Or when to start the second page? (^▼^)?"

Change, do not the stars.
Strange, very surprised myself.

A long time and process changes were made​​.
It can not even believe it happened to was the moment.


During these days I got paid off less than the effort.
Evaluation and positive expectations for me are not around.

"It is your future, and realize your hopes and expectations couId like? "

This gaze. Negative energy.... ..

But I know the fact. Meanwhile, through consideration of the time and effort.
I am growing inside of me I feel the energy of change and positive.

Like one day realize my hand caught..
Like one day realize my hand caught...........
One day the realization will be born to the moment changes.

I just like the pollen in the bud.

I blog about old completed. And decided to plant some more. There was no pollen. With disposable paper cups leftover pot so I had to make. I make pots remaining disposable cups.
Sometimes, because I forgot to carry my personal cup.;;

<Making pot♣>

1. First, prepare a disposable cup.

2. Flip cup. Drill holes .

 3. Put a few cups in a looted a large stone.
 (Do not put no matter how old)

4. Fill the cups in the soil. 
Do not press the soil as much as possible. 
And will the water.

5. The seeds are planted in holes dug. 
Lightly cover seeds with soil.

6. The case of a disposable coffee cup, 
lid and the pot is used as the base.

If the lid is flat for an iced coffee.

However, the lid is not iced coffee, hand coffee makes a flat lid. 
Coffee pot lid attaching to tape the holes in the base is complete.

7. Write a paper cup, the seeds are planted to date. 
If you have a coffee cup holder, the date will fit a small cup holders have to write it down.

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