Sunday, December 12, 2021

대한민국 전라도 광주입니다.


대한민국 전라도 광주 

우리의 원대한 꿈이 다시 보이기 시작합니다.

전라도 광주입니다


20211212일 일요일


글 정보

 글 올린 시간.

20211212일 오후 1010

Tuesday, March 30, 2021


 I want to think anew with the portraits of the Joseon Dynasty. So I post this portrait course.

Korea _ Joseon Dynasty ( 1392~1910)


1. They analyze the portrait of Eui-Hyeon Lee under a microscope. Examine the background material and find out the detailed characteristics and description of brush strokes. 

2. They perform a pigment analysis to determine the color composition and then find the closest material.

3.Preparing oiled paper. 

4. Charcoal drawing on oiled paper. 

Charcoal drawing on oiled paper.

5. Ink drawing on oiled paper.

6. Coloring on the back of the oiled paper.

7. Coloring and shading on the front of the oiled papaer.

8. Preparing silk: applying watered glue.

 9. Copying the outlines of the chobon on silk.

10. Coloring the back of silk.

11. Finishing by coloring and shading the front of silk.

+ End + 

Thank you!

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Table of contents of the art book Minhwa ( haengbokhwa )


 20 page~38 page  Table of Contents  English Korean 

Sogwado 소과도

 34 page 

 35 page 

 36 page 

 37 page 

 38 page  

 39 page  당신이 이 책을 통해서 살펴보고 할 수 있는 생각과  질문. 

 40 page 

 41 ~ 42 page 

 43 page 

 44 ~51 page 


 We will strive to build up quality information. 

 We will endeavor to update the page. 

 We will try for your fun and easy understanding.

 Thank you! 

 69page ~ 80page 

 82page ~ 86page 

                          Version 1